At Dominion International High School, we are passionately committed to raising a Godly generation of kingdom intellectuals effective in both church society building. This is achieved through morning devotions for all staff and students with a decentralized systematic Bible club made compulsory for all and discipleship class for those who are genuinely born-again with desire for holistic growth and maturity. These are fully facilitated by few authenticated staff

Boarders in the hostel and some community students participate in our weekly inter-domination campus fellowship every Thursday evening for a systematic group bible study/prayer in a homely contextualized atmosphere whereas Sundays are majorly for inspirational words and worship service.

Materials used to ensure the efficacy of these meetings are collected from Scripture Union, Peace House and other researched and complied Youths/students related topics by a team of dedicated staff. Other initiatives include Solemn Assembly, evenings of Worship, fasting and prayer convocation, variety night, group discussion, seminars, leadership training, achievers forum, family service and friend’s service.

All students are to participate in the following activities:

  1. Bible Club

    Fridays 1:00pm – 2:00pm

  2. Bible Studies

    Thursdays 4:00pm

  3. Evening Service

    Sundays 4:00pm

  4. Sunday Service

    Sundays 9:00am