The School Dominion

Dominion International High School is an approved Christian co-educational school which offers a full range of academic courses and co-curricular activities in a conducive and homely learning environment. The name of the school was given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who directed the founder to Psalm 72:8 where the name was extracted.


Dominion High School was born out of the vision to inculcate into our children a total education where Christ is at the centre. We exist to mold our students into a total man who can always apply the total education acquired to address issues and challenges in God’s perspective for a better society. I therefore commend you for a bold step you took bringing your ward(s) to this institution where God is our great tutor and mentor. I promise that you will not have any reason to regret this well thought decision.


To prepare every child to function effectively in today’s world using the best available human and material resources through Christ centered education that ensures total growth of the child.


A Dominion school is committed to excellence. It is aimed at

  1. Providing access to quality education for all regardless of gender, ethnic and social background.

  2. Grooming a total child by providing international quality of education based on global standards and balanced curriculum.

  3. Developing the individual child into a sound and effective adult citizen.

  4. Identifying, developing and responding to the individual needs, talent and aspiration of the child.

  5. Raising a generation of intellectuals that have Christ as their foundation for effective building of the family, church and society.

  6. Developing the child to function effectively in a globalised world service.

  7. Developing the children to excel

  8. Finally to ensure to complete development of the child so as to meet the challenges of the 21st century.