Medical Care

Health Matters

A registered Nurse (RN) works within the school. The school has retainer ship deal with two medical practitioners who equally provide medical care to the children alongside with the nurse. Parents will always be immediately notified if a child is admitted with a serious ill health.

The school has a First- Aid recovery bay, amply manned by qualified Nursing staff who oversees the maintenance of health records for all the students.

When a student full ill or is injured, at the school, Nursing officers administer first-aid or give the needed attention. If the situation warrants, the parents are promptly called to come for the students.

Arrangements have been made with Redemption Medical Centre in Eket for the treatment of serious sudden illness and the hills charged to the Medical Deposit of each student. Efforts will be made to keep down the Medical bills from the retained Medical Centre. No student can be taken from the school during school hours without the permission of the school principal because of the possibility of accident or injury on the way home, the school does not release a student unless duely authorized person to pick him or her up.

A specific identification programme has been put in place to check unfortunate incidents, kindly help us to protect our beloved students and keep danger at bay.

Emergency Card: this is to be completed for all register students each year by parents and filled in the school clinic. The cards contain the name of the student’s Doctor, Parents business and Residential Phone Numbers and other adults who may be notified in case of emergency where parents are not available.

Communicable Disease Prevention: parents are asked to notify the school clinic if the ward has a communicable disease, as this help us to take extra care of the student as well as protect the other students under our care.

  1. Do not send your child to school when he/she is ill.

  2. Students with transmittable ailments should be at home until certified by a medical doctor.

  3. If your child make be late to school due to ill- health, please inform the class teacher and the principal ahead of time.