Dominion is well equipped and is constantly updating its resources. Our facilities presently include the following:


  1. Well equipped laboratories for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Home Economics

  2. Computer with internet and e-mail facilities.

  3. Well stocked library.

  4. Introductory Technology laboratories

  5. French Laboratory

  6. Football field, volley ball and table tennis

  7. Musical Lab with music orchestra.

  8. Fleet of college vehicle which include 30-seater busses, 18-seater buses utility Hiace Hilux bus

  9. Fully equipped healing bay (clinic) manned by qualified nurses.

  10. Swings, toys, merry go round, horses, ladder and slide for the junior grade.


Students and pupils who require boarding are housed in our standard facilities. Each is supervised by the resident boarding master and house mistress. The body master and mistress are responsible for their day-day living, academic supervision and personal matters.
Meals are handled by qualified caterers who are constantly tested by the medical doctor for fitness. The meals are taken communally in a standard dining hall. In the process, correct table manners and punctuality are instilled in the students. Variety of well balanced meals are consistently provided to ensured inmates are accurately nurtured.


The school has a standard and well treated borehole to service the entire school and two functional standby generators for power back-up during outages from public power supply.


Dominion International High School is an ultra-modern purpose-built School. Our learning resources are varied as follows:


Our modern library is adequately stocked with over 3,000 Books and periodicals and is manned by experienced Librarians.

Modern Computer/ICT Centre

Fully equipped with high-end multimedia projection systems. These arrays of modern computers allow our students not only to be exposed early in life to modern Information Technology (IT) Systems and computing but also to grow with the knowledge of the various computing systems currently available in the IT world.

Well-equipped Science Laboratories

Allow for practical works in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Agricultural Science. There laboratories are centres of attraction for the future Scientists. In the Laboratories, are student are prepared early in life to appreciate the important of beauty of science and Technology in the unfolding- driven 21st century.


Music plays an important part in the life of the student both within curriculum and in the proliferation of activities for all ages and levels of ability. Qualified teachers offer tuition in music and singing and practical lessons in Organ, piano, Saxophone, Violin, Guitar, as well as other modern and traditional musical instruments. The school is fully equipped with both parade and orchestral Bands.