The school combines the Nigeria natural curriculum provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and the Christ Centered Education which is based on global standard.

The school runs crèche which is for children from three months to one year six months and preparatory class which is for children between age of 2 and 3 years.

The primary classes are for age 5-10.

The high includes the junior and the secondary classes. It is for children between age 10 and 18.


  1. English language

  2. Mathematics

  3. Basic Science and Technology

  4. Religion and Natural Values

  5. Pre-vocational Studies

  6. Cultural and Creative Arts

  7. Business Studies

  8. French

  9. Music

  10. Ibibio


  1. English Language

  2. Mathematics

  3. Computer Studies or Biology or Agricultural Science

  4. Civic Education

  5. Marketing

Students are to (pick maximum of 4 subjects) from one or two of the following departments and add to the five compulsory subjects to make their subjects for Senior School Certificate Examination (NECO and WAEC).

The available departments and their subjects are:


    1. Further Mathematics

    2. Biology

    3. Chemistry

    4. Physics

    5. Agricultural Science

    6. Physical/Health Education

    7. Computer Studies/ICT

    8. General Mathematics


    1. Christian Religions Knowledge

    2. Literature-in-English

    3. Geography

    4. Economics


    1. Technical Drawing

    2. Home Management

    3. Electrical/Electronics


    1. Business Studies

    2. Commerce

    3. Marketing

    4. Accounting

Dominion High School ensures that the students are taught in every subject by teachers who are well competent and qualified in their subjects’ areas. A class teacher is attached to each class. He or she takes attendance, sees to the cleanliness of the classroom, collates test and examination scores, keeps a record of the students Continuous Assessment Test (CAT) as well as keeps extra surveillance over the students under his/her charge.

We place great emphasis on homework, assignment and projects as they form part of our continuous assessment. All students have at least four (4) homework/assignment to complete every evening. Special research projects are expected of every student on termly basis. Parents should please encourage their wards carry out their termly projects as same contribute to the final scores at the of the previous term.


All areas of assessment, recording and reporting are undertaken thoroughly and may involve the students themselves whenever possible. Students learn best if they know in advance what is expected of them and have clear targets. These crucial aspects of our academic programme are coordinated by the guidance and counseling Department.

During lessons, every teacher uses the same standard assessment and recording system. Each student’s progress formally reported to parents at the end of each term. During our once a term “Parents Teacher Interaction (PTI), parents meet the teachers of their children, discuss the students progress and problems with their teachers, as well as offer useful suggestions to their teachers for the upbringing of their children.


The academic year runs from September to July and is divided into three terms. We adhere strictly to the academic of government of Nigeria. During the term there is a mid-term break which often last between two days to one week depending on the duration of the term. Dominions also hold a rededication service at the beginning of every school year /term. Parents are notified well in advance in our academic calendar each term on dates and important events in the year so that they can make their plans accordingly.